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Anonymous said: You're stuffs awesome!

AAA I didn’t see this till now, I’m so sorry!! But thanks so much anon! ;w;

Finished playing Triple Deluxe the other night, and gosh, what an adorable game! I haven’t had so much fun with a Kirby game in a long while.

Doodled these silly humanizations right after finishing the game haha

Really wanted something with Benny’s little spaceship motif, so I whipped this shirt up; also included just the spaceship design for flags and other decorations~☆

(Up next is Wyldstyle, hoping to upload her’s soon! Also, if anybody missed it and is interested, I’ve also made a GCBC design!)

Julian!! I like this kid a lot. I love his design and he’s actually pretty adorable; just wish he had some more screen time.

I have a problem and that problem is GalaxyCop Coppernauts. It is illegal for Legos to be that adorable

I’d call the cops for help but the cops are part of the problem

(Break doodle while I finish up bigger and grander projects!)

Really quick Galaxy Cop Coppernauts destress doodle because I love these characters and I love this ship and I love this movie!! I love everything!! \o/

{EDIT}Re-sized it a bit!

I made another pattern the other night haha

Good Cop Bad Cop from the Lego Movie! This was rather simple but fun to make~

I’ve had this pattern for a while, but after a few adjustments I’m finally happy with it! Of course I had to make a pattern for my favorite CO after the two others I’ve done: (Eagle)  (Andy)

I’m planning on going through the rest of the cast too, slowly but surely!

This has been sitting in my WIP folder for a while now, so may as well post it.

Ghost Trick is a seriously great game! I remember falling in love with from the very first trailer that came out. And one of my favorite parts about it, aside from the awesome story, is the aesthetic. It’s so pretty to look at, and so well animated.

Sissel’s design is one of my favorites from just about anything. A great character for a great game~